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How to Heal effectively using Bioenergetics.

Welcome to my blog about how to use alternative health to heal.

Bioenergetics can tell us many important aspects about our general wellbeing.

When I had my first scan, many years ago, I was suffering from autoimmunity and my son had severe eczema. Our bodies were taxed and we were unsure as to where to start in the healing process. We did to have much luck with western style prescriptions, and we needed a way to find the right amount of support to stay on the healing path.

We knew that a healthy diet is important, as well as adequate rest, movement, stress management, and detoxing the body from toxins. I scanned every month to validate what modalities were working so we knew how to proceed. We used modalities such as acupuncture, sauna, nutrition, osteopath, and incorporating superfoods into our diet.

Healing at the root often takes time, so we needed a way to track our progress. I am so thankful we had an option to help us navigate our efforts.

Bioenergetics is an overall effective tool to help measure new health habits.

Heal at the root. Get the support you need .

Why not invest time in making the best choices for our bodies in order to live our best lives? The reason I decided to become a practitioner is to educate others on the importance of healing down to the root.

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